ADITIVA successfully finalizes the integration of a "Biometric System" based on thumb prints, for the Process of Credits Approval of retail Banking at BiCE Bank.


ADITIVA has been chosen as the integrating company of the Biometric Solution selected by BiCE Bank, based on Thumb Prints, for the process of Credits approval of Retail Banking.
The project consisted of the Functional and Technical revision of the solution acquired by the Bank, the construction of a prototype, the implementation of an "Enrolling Application" (that allows the Bank security employees to register the thumb prints for each of the Executives and Managers who participate in the different credits committees levels) and finally, the integration of the Biometric solution to the platform of "Electronic Credits Committee", providing a solution that fulfills the demands of the Bank to offer agility, flexibility, security to the process of credits approval to minimize the errors and to reduce the use of paper.

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